Issue Identification:

Error: com.essbase.api.base.EssException: Cannot connect to olap service. Cannot connect to Essbase Server. Error:Essbase Error(1042017): Network error: Timed out before receiving all data

Issue Summary:
Trying to execute Essbase Commands and receive a network error. Connection credentials have been validated and some Commands that interact with Essbase do execute. This error is typically a result of when selecting the setting "Embedded Mode" in the OneCloud Essbase Connection configuration. The Embedded Mode option should be used only when Oracle EPM products are installed with the "Embedded Mode" option which is typically used for standalone Hyperion environments.

Issue Solution:

  1. Open the Essbase Connection through the Connection Manager

  2. In the Properties Section: Uncheck 'Embedded Mode Enbabled"

  3. Save the Connection

  4. Rerun the Process

📓 Only administrators can edit a Connection.

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