The Create Workbook Command is used to create an Excel Workbook from one or more CSV files. The Command supports two methods to specify the CSV files.

Option 1: Specify Files through the Command Form

Each file that needs to be added as a sheet to the Workbook can be specified on the Command configuration under the Files section. Click the plus symbol for each CSV file to add and provide a sheet name. Note that the file parameter can be any Chain Output or Workspace Resource.

If files need to be retrieved from a network location, then the File Utilities Get File Command should be utilized to make the file available as an Output within the Chain.

The Name field of the form is the sheet name and must be 31 characters or less.

Option 2: Specify Files with a JSON Object

The Create Workbook from Files Command also supports providing a JSON object for the files and sheet names to be combined into an Excel Workbook. To enable the use of JSON, click the toggle on the Files section of the Command. This will activate the JSON form field. The field can be completed with text or with a Command output that is in JSON format.

⚠️ CloudRunner produced Outputs cannot be utilized with the JSON method.

The JSON object has two keys:

  • File: Full path to the CSV file. Please note, even if referencing Chain Command Outputs, you must specify the full path to the Output in the GroundRunner processing folder.

  • Name: Name of the Worksheet to be created.

An example JSON object format is below.


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