The OneCloud Handlebars BizApp allows any type of script or configuration file to be dynamically updated with replacement variable(s). The values replaced can be any OneCloud variable type or any other string of characters. This is a powerful capability since anywhere hardcoded values are used, as they can be replaced with a variable using the convention {{MY-VARIABLE}}.

📓 Variable names must be a continuous string of characters.

What is Handlebars?

Handlebars is a templating language that allows for powerful variable replacement as well as looping functionality primarily to build dynamic HTML. That said, it can be used in variety of other creative ways.

Example Script

Chain Environment: {{Chain-Env}} 
Chain Execution Time: {{Chain-Exec-Time}}

Handlebars Configuration

Handlebars Output

The output of this Command can be used in subsequent OneCloud Commands such as a Script Runner.

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