In this exercise, we will create a new Workspace to perform the transformation exercises of this Quick-Start Guide.

Primary Learning Objective

To reinforce the concept of Workspaces and Environments.

Secondary Learning Objectives




Supporting Template


Experienced users of Integration Studio should have no difficulty configuring a Workspace. A new Workspace is created in this Quick Start Guide for training purposes and to keep the application objects isolated from other training or production objects. Users should feel free to create or modify an existing Workspace based on what best suits their situation.

If you're comfortable doing this on your own, be sure to include the following components in your Workspace to progress through the quick-start guide:

  • Two (2) Environments

Otherwise, the following steps provide a framework to configure a Workspace.

📓 The example starts from an existing OneCloud tenant. The sample screenshots and videos may deviate from what is seen in a user's tenant.

Step 1: Create a Workspace

Login to your OneCloud tenant and select Workspaces from the left-side navigation panel. Edit the Workspace with the following changes:

  • Click the blue (+) plus circle.

  • Under Basic Info, name the Workspace, Sample Workspace for Transformations. Add a description of Transformation Quick Start.

    • Users may opt to add variables at this point. However, these steps are broken out into another exercise to highlight the ability to define and edit Workspace Variables at any time, not just during Workspace creation.

  • Save the Workspace.

📓 To Edit an Existing Workspace, click the blue "Edit" rectangle to the right of the Workspace and make the desired changes.

Step 2: Create an Environment

We add a new "production" Environment to illustrate how OneCloud environments can be created to support application lifecycle management.

  • Click the blue (+) button to the right of the existing DEV Environment.

  • Under Basic Info, set the Name to PROD.

  • If desired, click the color box to assign a different color.

  • Save the change.

📓 Different Environments may be assigned the same color.

📚 Topics covered in this exercise:

Workspace Setup

Environment Setup

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