Please use the information below to help accurately define the severity of your OneCloud support ticket.


An urgent ticket should be reserved for situations where the product is entirely unusable. Your production use of the platform is stopped or severely impacted in a way that you cannot reasonably continue work. This may also be considered a complete loss of service with no available workaround. The operations attempting to be performed are mission critical to the business and the situation is an emergency.

  • The application is entirely offline and users cannot access

  • Loss of OneCloud objects such as Resources, Chains, Pipelines, Workspaces, or Environments

  • Total unavailability of any of our documented services

    • A section of the app is not loading (Home/Dashboard, Workspaces, Build, Templates, Monitor, Tasks, Schedules, Connections, Support, Data Prep, Admin)

    • OneCloud API is completely unreachable (

    • All commands for a BizApp are failing where they were working previously

    • All or most scheduled chains are not running

    • All or most chains won’t start or execute manually

  • The GroundRunner services is unable to be started, hangs indefinitely, is causing unacceptable or indefinite delays for resources, system crashes, and/or crashes repeatedly after restart attempts

During this time, we recognize the impact that this places on your organization. We need your partnership to resolve the issue effectively and in a timely manner. Please ensure that your contact information is correct, as well as providing secondary contact information, as we may be reaching out to you via the ticketing system or in-app chat. Failure to adequately respond will result in reducing the urgency of your ticket.


Experiencing a severe loss of service. Important features are unavailable with no acceptable workaround. However, operations can continue in a restricted fashion. This should be reserved for issues that prevent users from performing critical tasks.

  • A single or few commands in a BizApp are failing consistently across all users

  • Unable to publish or run a chain in a Production environment

  • Aspects of the product load, but are entirely unusable for all users

    • (i.e. No users can edit and save a Workspace)

  • Process is impacting a GoLive decision or User-Acceptance Test (UAT)


Experiencing a minor loss of service. The impact is an inconvenience, which may require additional steps via a workaround to restore functionality. We recognize that the additional effort of a workaround may be inconvenient, and as a result tickets marked with this priority are considered important to the platform and will be prioritized accordingly.

  • Unable to publish or run a chain in a non-Production environment

  • No reasonable workaround available


Low priority tickets are generally reserved for minor user interface bugs or issues that can be easily resolved with a simple workaround. Low priority also accounts for things that do not incur a loss of service on the platform or impede the operation of a system. These problems do not incur a loss of service and have a workaround in place until the issue is fixed.

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