The Connected Enterprise

To build a truly Connected Enterprise, we need to look beyond system integration and automation. While these are important components of a Connected Enterprise, accurate and Reliable data are key when it comes to making the right business decisions.

OneCloud is a modern iPaaS technology built for the business user enabling intuitive integration, data transformation, and automation of business-critical applications and processes.

OneCloud Integration Studio and OneCloud Data Prep are foundational to delivering timely, accurate, and reliable data that empowers customers to make better business decisions.


Why OneCloud?

In the best of circumstances, managing data is a heavy lift with many pitfalls. The process often lacks flexibility required by the business to have accurate, timely, and trusted information.

OneCloud connects the enterprise to delivery timely, accurate, and reliable data to everyone.

OneCloud connects the pieces so you can get the complete picture of your business across analytics, sales, finance, planning, and HR.


Driving a Connected Enterprise with OneCloud

OneCloud empowers business users to accelerate the use of their systems and data in support of timely analysis and well-informed decision making.

With OneCloud Integration Studio, business users can easily and securely build powerful integration.

With OneCloud Data Prep, business users have access to an easy, intuitive, and interactive Excel-like interface to harmonize data between systems.


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