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Registering for the Support Portal

Creating a Support Ticket

Updating a Support Ticket

Ticket Resolution

Registering for the Support Portal

Registering for the OneCloud platform is easy and done automatically when your OneCloud administrator invited you to the OneCloud platform. An invitation email is sent to the email address and will need to be accepted.

📓 Your OneCloud platform password is not, and does not, need to be the same as your Support Portal password.

Creating a Support ticket

Once you have credentials, creating a support ticket is easy. The main support page is accessible via:

Logging in

Click on Submit a ticket to get started.

If you are not automatically logged in, you will be presented with the sign-in page.

📓 If you forgot your password, you can click the "Forgot your password?" link to start a reset. A confirmation email will be received to start the process.

Ticket Details

The ticket submission form is a linear form kept simple to help expedite the ticket creation process. Below is what the form looks like in its entirety:

When submitting a ticket please ensure the following:

  • The email address is correct.

  • The Company Name that is populated is correct.

    • If you are a partner, reseller or consultant you may be associated to one or more companies. It is important that tickets are logged against the correct client to ensure confidentiality.

  • A clear and concise subject is provided that describes the error

  • A description of the issue or error being experienced.

    • You can paste in graphics or screenshots (cut/paste) is supported

    • GroundRunner logs can be attached via the "+Attach a File" option

  • Urgency to help indicate the level of importance

  • Failure Impact Status

  • Support User Enablement Status

  • URL/Link from the browser to the issue.

    • This helps provide a direct notice to where we can look for the issue.

Ticket Confirmation

After pressing submit an email confirmation should be received indicating a successful creation of your ticket. This also includes your ticket number for reference.

Updating a Support ticket

Often times after a ticket has been opened; there will be a need to add additional comments, screenshots or files. This can easily be done from the browser by using the "My tickets" button or the URL in an of the notification emails.

My Ticket Overview

The "My ticket" overview page lists all the open and pending tickets by default.

If you wish to change your view, simply use the filter selections at the upper left.

The Status field can be switched to:

  • All Tickets

  • Open or Pending* (default value)

  • Resolved or Closed

  • The sorted by value can be switched to sort ascending or descending for:

    • Date Created* (default value)

    • Last Modified

    • Status

  • The company field is visible if your ID is associated to one or more companies

  • A hidden "created by" field will be displayed next to the company field when a list of tickets are found.

Updating a ticket

After the desired ticket as been found, only the initial details are displayed on the form below.

A simple click of the ticket subject (blue text) will open it further for additional details.

Here on the update ticket form you can see the entire conversation. You can also add additional information in the text box as a reply. Along the right-hand side of the page in the "Ticket Details" panel you can update any needed specifics about the ticket.

Ticket Resolution

Once OneCloud Support and you have confirmed a resolution to the issue, the ticket will be marked as resolved. You will receive the following automated response.

After a few days when the ticket is closed you may also be selected for a customer satisfaction survey. It would be helpful and meaningful to us if the one question survey can be answered.

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