Release Date: 19 June 2021

OneCloud will be making platform enhancements, Saturday, June 19, 2021, from 11 am to 1 pm EDT. There will be no downtime for this release.

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Platform Enhancements

Additional Security Roles

The OneCloud platform has been enhanced to provide additional security roles that allow more granular control over application objects such as Workspaces, Environments, Connections, and Runners. Additionally, a new security role has been created to enable application security administrators. Security administrators have the ability to provision users to the application without having any Chain or Pipeline editing ability.

Change Company Name

Administrators now have the ability to update the OneCloud company (tenant) name as needed without requiring assistance from the OneCloud support team. It should be noted that the company name should not be confused with the Organization ID specified when logging into the OneCloud application.

GroundRunner User

GroundRunners now display the operating system user which started the GroundRunner process. This is particularly helpful to determine if the user under which the Runner is currently processing commands has access to artifacts needed in the Chain such as network directories or relational databases using integrated security.

Data Prep Variables

Data Prep Pipelines and Mapping Groups now support the use of Variables. This enhancement expands the functionality and reusability of Data Prep.

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API Limits

The OneCloud API has been updated to provide additional flexibility. The API now has a daily limit of 50,000 requests as well as a bursting limit of 100 requests in a 20 second period. Response headers are also provided to show the number of requests remaining for both the bursting and daily limit.

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GroundRunner Scoping

GroundRunners are now able to be assigned to specific Workspaces and Environments. GroundRunners can continue to be a shared resource across all Workspaces and Environments but this enhancement allows for dedicated GroundRunners if necessary.

In Use Tracking

Connections and Resources now provide an ability to trace in which Chains the object is used. This enhancement allows users to evaluate which Chains would be impacted by a change to the object.

Connectors (BizApps)


The Anaplan BizApp Relational Update and Upload File with Permissions Commands had previously been deprecated. These Commands are now removed from the Anaplan BizApp.

Microsoft Excel

The Microsoft Excel BizApp Create Workbook from CSV Command has been enhanced to support writing OneCloud outputs into an existing Excel workbook. The Worksheet to CSV Command now provides an option to allow a user to specify if the data converted from the worksheet is according to how it is displayed or how it is stored in the worksheet. This is a particularly useful enhancement for date and time handling.

Sage Intacct

The Sage Intacct BizApp Connection now supports specifying a Location ID for customers that have multiple Sage locations.


The following defects are fixed in this platform update:

  • Unable to edit a Resource

  • Invalid metadata export generated from Oracle Analytics Cloud

  • Variable selector pane does not show connected nodes for a new node until after save

  • Workiva Create Table Command not working with a JSON file

  • Salesforce SOQL Query results not accounting for special characters

  • Pause between attempts in error handler applies to all iterations

  • Searching for promoted chains does not work in monitor view


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