In this exercise, we will create the various Connections needed across the remaining exercises of this Quick Start guide.

Primary Learning Objective

This exercise is designed to reinforce the concept of Connections.

Secondary Learning Objectives



A Workspace named Learning OneCloud with a DEV environment needs to exist. See the Learning OneCloud Quick Start Guide for more information.

Supporting Template


Yes, another Connection. Chains don't always require multiple Connections to function, but this demonstrates the power of OneCloud. Establishing a new Connection takes just a few clicks and reusing an existing one needs even fewer. Having already setup a few Connections, this may seem redundant, but is critical to a successful Chain run in a the Load Data from File to IBM PA step of this guide.

Among OneCloud's core BizApps is File Utilities. The File Utilities BizApp contains a collection of commands to work with a file system and is primarily used with GroundRunners to access files on Microsoft Windows and Linux-based operating systems.

📓 Perform Step 1 for a new Connection. If reusing a Connection, skip to Step 1A.

Step 1: Add a Connection

To add a new Connection, or view an existing OneCloud Connection, click the Connections tab on the navigation pane on the left of the page.

  • Click on the (+) button in the lower, right-hand corner.

  • Under BizApp, select File Utils for this demonstration.

  • Choose the desired Runner. Here it's CloudRunner and/or Windows GroundRunner.

  • Rename the Connection as desired. For this example, the name is unchanged.

  • Scroll down to confirm the Environment for "DEV" is enabled for the "Sample Workspace for IBM PA".

    • Click the corresponding box, as necessary.

  • Save the Connection.

📓 Users may opt to enable as many available Environments as desired. This security feature prevents Connections from being accessible in different Environments, which in turn limits Commands that can be executed from said Environment.

📓 Sometimes Connections may be previously established for a tenant. The gif below exhibits the parameters required to establish a Connection without filling in the information. To enable Connections for an existing Workspace or Environment(s), please see Step 1A.

Step 1A: Edit an Existing Connection

📓 While multiple Connections may be established for specific BizApps (notice the Anaplan Connections below), they are not always necessary. With one set of credentials tenants can enable different Environments. Below shows the activation of the existing BlackLine Connection for the newly created Sample Workspace for BlackLine Workspace and its Environments.

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