Templates can be shared across any tenant in the OneCloud ecosystem. This is a powerful way for the OneCloud community to share knowledge and for implementation partners to develop and share leading practices for integration and automation.

⚠ī¸ OneCloud does not review Templates created by partners or customers. The use of Templates provided by members of the OneCloud community is at the discretion of each customer.

Sharing a Template

A Template can be shared once it is Published. To share the Template, navigate to the folder in which the Template was created. Click the Sharing link (square box with arrow) and a dialogue box will open with a URL to the Template. Copy the Template URL. The URL can be shared with any OneCloud user that has the security access required to create a new Chain. See Deploying a Chain from a Shared Template URL.

Template URL

Template sharing links utilize the following convention:

Links should not be changed when sharing with other OneCloud users.

Revoking Access to a Template

Any OneCloud user with access to the Template URL has access to the Template. This includes users who are not part of the tenant in which the Template was created.

In the event that a Template URL is shared with an unintended audience, the Template URL can be invalidated by refreshing the token. To refresh the token, click the Sharing link and then click the Refresh Token icon. A warning will appear.

ℹī¸ The Template token should not be confused with the Company token. Refreshing the Template token will have no impact on the Company token.

Click Yes to refresh the token. The new URL can now be shared as needed.

📓 Refreshing the token will prevent new Chains from being deployed from the Template using the URL with the expired token but any Chains already created from the Template are not impacted.

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