Getting the appropriate values can be found directly within the Workday application.

  • Search for “Public Web Services” from your Workday dashboard to find the list of Workday web services available.

  • Within the list of web services, find the Integrations endpoint.

    • Click on it and select View WSDL.

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the WSDL URL

  • There are three key pieces of information needed from the URL:

    • The Domain

    • The Tenant

    • The Version.

    • The URL is always structured as:

      • https://{{address}}/ccx/service/{{tenant}}/Integrations/{{version}}​

  • Workday BizApp Connection Values

    • Example domain (from address) =

    • Example Host (from address) = wd2-impl-services1

    • Example tenant = mycompany

    • Example Version = v36.0

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