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How do I find the correct Workday values to populate the Workday BizApp connection?

Getting the appropriate values can be found directly within the Workday application.

  1. Search for “Public Web Services” from your Workday dashboard to find the list of Workday web services available.

  2. Within the list of web services, find the Integrations endpoint. Click on it and select View WSDL.

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the WSDL URL, which will look something like:

  4. There are three key pieces of information needed from the URL, the Domain, the Tenant and the Version. The URL is always structured as:

  5. Workday BizApp Connection Values

    • Example domain (from address) =

    • Example Host (from address) = wd2-impl-services1

    • Example tenant = mycompany

    • ​Example Version = v36.0

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