In this exercise, we will create the various Connections needed across the remaining exercises of this Quick Start guide.

Primary Learning Objective

This exercise is designed to reinforce the concept of Connections.

Secondary Learning Objectives



A Workspace named Learning OneCloud with a DEV environment needs to exist. See the Learning OneCloud Quick Start Guide for more information.

Supporting Template


Similar to the prior two steps, it is time to create a Connection to interface with Salesforce. For this tutorial, a sample Salesforce Account has been created to complete this tutorial.

📓 If you'd prefer to use your own Salesforce account, then you will need to provide your own connection details. Please see Salesforce Connection Setup on our Salesforce BizApp page.

If you are ready to get started using our sample account, then follow the order of operations below:

Step 1: Create a Salesforce Connection

  • Navigate to the OneCloud Connection Manager.

  • Near the lower-right corner, click the blue (+) icon to create a new connection.

  • Under BizApp Connection, choose "Salesforce".

  • Under Basic Info, name the Connection appropriately based upon your choice. This one is called "Sample Salesforce Connection".

    • For this example, set the Authentication Type to "Basic Auth"

  • Enter the following details in the Authentication and Properties sections:

Username: reports@onecloud-demo.com
Password: testdata
Token: 95oDxKxO0NgNcP6gtZdZIN08
Instance: na85
  • Enable the connection for the "DEV" and "PROD" Environments.

  • Save the Connection.

📓 About the Example Video:

Connections are available across Workspaces and must have unique names. They must also be enabled within a specific Environment of a Workspace to be used. The tenant creating this video had previously created a Salesforce Connection for another tutorial. The process is consistent regardless of whether this is the tenant's first Connection or fifth. In this case, the Connection is edited to enable the Environments for "Sample Workspace for Planful".

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