OneCloud has some powerful features to streamline the load and extract of data into and out of Planful. These capabilities can be combined with various integration points that OneCloud supports including relational databases, Workday, NetSuite, Great Plains, Oracle Financials Cloud, Tableau, and Power BI. Additionally, OneCloud has an array of features to transform data between source and target systems as well as incorporated human integration workflow to approve data before you move data.

This Planful-focused quick-start guide will walk users through setting up OneCloud so that it is optimized to work with Planful in the following sample use cases:

  • Load sample GL data to Planful

  • Extract Salesforce Opportunity Data and load to Planful

  • Extract Planful Segment data and load to Tableau

Step 1: Get Access to OneCloud

New Company

If your company is not yet registered, visit to sign up for a full-use trial of OneCloud.

Existing Company

If your company is already a OneCloud customer and you would prefer to use your primary OneCloud environment for this tutorial, please contact your OneCloud system administrator. This will ensure you are added to a security group with Workspace administrator access.

Step 2: Get Started

The nine (9) tasks below will jumpstart users looking to optimize their Planful experience. The estimated time to progress through the content below is one hour and 50 minutes. While not mandatory, we recommend completing each of the tutorials in order.



Time (minutes)

Configure a Workspace for Planful

Create Workspace variables and create Environments for LCM.


Create a Planful Connection

Create a standard Connection to Planful to exchange data and perform other administrative tasks.


Create a Source Data Connection

Create Connections to retrieve GL data to load into Planful.


Create a Salesforce Connection

Create a Connection to retrieve a simple opportunity report from Salesforce.


Create a Tableau Connection

Create a Connection to Tableau to publish Planful data.


Load Data to Planful

Load sample GL data based upon the Planful sample application.


Load Salesforce to Planful via Custom Report

Load a Salesforce custom report directly to Planful


Load Planful to Tableau

Extract Planful data and directly build a Tableau Hyper file and publish to a Tableau Server.


Chain Promotion

Learn how to promote a Chain from one Environment to the next.


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