Exporting data from IBM Planning Analytics (TM1) is easy with OneCloud's out-of-the-box connectivity to target systems including Salesforce, Tableau, Workday, plus relational and text files. For this tutorial, create an extract data chain.

The following step-by-step tutorial will demonstrate streaming tabular data directly from an instance of IBM PA to a flat file.

Primary Learning Objective

This exercise is designed to highlight the extracting of data to a data file from IBM PA.

Secondary Learning Objectives



Configure a Workspace for IBM Planning Analytics

Create an IBM PA Cloud Connection

Create a File Utilities Connection

Supporting Template

Extract Data from IBM PA

Step 1: Create a New Chain

  • Create a new chain:

    • Select Build from the left-side panel.

    • Hover over the blue (+) icon in the lower-right corner.

    • Click "Create Chain".

  • Name the Chain "Extract Data from PA"

  • Save the Chain.

Step 2: Add the First Command

  • Add the Read View Cells Command.

    • Select IBM Planning Analytics TM1 ➡️ Data Operations ➡️ Read View Cells.
      💡 Use the Find tool to search for "IBM" and "Read". Data Operations is a subcategory of the BizApp.

    • Double-click the icon to auto-load the Command into the Chain Start circle.

  • Set the Cube Name to the value in the Environment.

  • Set the View Name to the value in the Environment.

  • Scroll down to enable "Skip empty cells".

  • Save the Command.

Step 3: Add Another Command

  • Add the List File Content Command

    • Select the File Utilities ➡️ List File Content Command.
      💡 Use the Find tool to search for "File Utilities" and "List File Content".

    • Click-and-drag the icon onto the canvas.

  • Connect the "Read View Cells" Command to the "List File Content" Command.

    • Click and hold the 🔽 at the bottom of the "Get" Command, then drag to the 🔽 at the top of the "List File Content" Command.

  • Edit the "List File Content" Command.

    • Ensure the BizApp has the appropriate Runner. For this example it's CloudRunner.

    • Set the File name parameter to be the output of "Read View Cells" Command.

      • Click the 🔽 to the right of "Read View Cells"

      • Select "View Data"

    • Set the Preview lines to 10.

  • Save the changes.

Step 4: Publish and Run the Chain

Publishing is an important feature in OneCloud. Chains must be published, before they can be run. A Chain and its respective Commands will not be executed otherwise. Whether making one alteration or many, the Chain must be published every time a Chain or Command is edited.

Publish ➡️ Execute ➡️ Run Chain.

  • To publish a Chain, click "Publish" near the upper-right corner.

  • Optionally, add a Publish Chain Comment. For this example, leave it blank.

  • Once published, the "Execute" button becomes active. Click it.

  • Once executed, the "Run Chain" button is activated. Click it.

  • The Chain will animated when it is running.

  • Click on the Anaplan Upload File Command.

  • When the Chain has been run, the outputs will be available to view by clicking on a given Command and selecting "LOGS" from the right-side panel.

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