Create a Connection to interface with a relational database. For this tutorial, we have created sample Oracle and SQL Server relational databases. If you are ready to get started using one of our sample databases, then follow the order of operations below:

📓 Note: If you'd prefer to use your own database, then you will most likely need to configure a GroundRunner to interface with your on-premise system.

Step 1: Create an Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server Database Connection

  • Navigate to the OneCloud Connection Manager and click the blue (+) circle to create a new Connection.

  • Under "BizApp Connection", select "Microsoft SQL Server".

  • Set the desired Runner(s). Here it's "Windows GroundRunner" and "CloudRunner".

  • Under "Basic Info", name the Connection.

    🌟 Use unique names to distinguish the Connections from one another.

  • Under "Properties", establish a username, password, and connection url.

    • As the relational database username and password enter:

      Username: RO_SAMPLE_DB
      Password: testdata1!
    • For the SQL Server JDBC String, enter the following JDBC URL:

  • Enable the Connection for the "DEV" and "PROD" Environments.

  • Save the Connection.

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