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How come my NetSuite Saved Search returns an InternalID versus a MemberName?

💥 This was written for a very specific issue relating to Currency. Only columns referenced as custom lists have an automatic member-name lookup. Anything else would fall into possibly needing this solution.💥

When using the web services within Netsuite (the SuiteTalk API) and executing a saved search, the API does not always send back the user-friendly values as you would normally see when you export to a CSV within Netsuite. Our BizApp takes these internalIds and attempts to find the user-friendly name to produce in the report, but there are some objects such as Currency that we do not retrieve the user-friendly values for. We do not do this for Currency and other similar objects for both performance reasons and technical limitations with the API.


The common approach that most of our customers take is to pull the report, and in a separate command retrieve a list of lookup items to then map to the report. In this example, you can use the Get All Records command to retrieve the record type "currency" and this will produce a list of all of the currencies.

Once you have the output of the Get All Records you will need to have that converted to a CSV via the Convert JSON->CSV Command under the Tabular Transformation BizApp.

Once the output is in CSV format you can then use it as mapping via one of the following products:

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