Release Date: 20 March 2021

OneCloud will be making platform enhancements, Saturday, March 20, 2021, from 11 am to 1 pm EDT. There will be no downtime for this release.

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Platform Enhancements

Global Templates

The Templates section of Integration Studio now includes a Global tab that allows Templates that have been shared globally to be utilized by a sub-company. Currently, Templates created by OneCloud are available on the Global tab. Reseller customers also have access to Templates created by the reseller on the Partner tab.

Disable Chains Without Republishing

Chains can now be disabled without requiring the Chain to be republished. This enhancement allows execution users to disabled a scheduled Chain. This accounts for instances where a scheduled run needs to be skipped due to otherwise unexpected conflicting processes.

Intra-GroundRunner Communications

GroundRunner to GroundRunner communication now supports the use of HTTPS. This enhancement only applies to Chains that are passing Outputs between different GroundRunners. All OneCloud platform and application communication has and will always utilize HTTPS communication.

Data Transformations Preview

Data Prep now provides a preview for Data Transformations such as Sort and Sum If.

Deselect Transformations

Data Prep now provides the ability to deselect a Transformation preview in the Pipeline. When the Transformation is deselected, the Sample File pinned to the Pipeline is displayed before the impact of any of the Transformations assigned in the Pipeline.

Connectors (BizApps)


An Excel Core BizApp is now available in OneCloud Integration Studio that provides the ability to both process and create Excel files. The Excel BizApp supports legacy workbook (.xls) as well as current workbook (.xlsx, .xlsm) formats.

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Oracle Content and Experience

The Upload File Command now provides the ability to specify the name of the file to be uploaded.

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The OneCloud BizApp Search Chain Runs and Chain Run History Commands have been enhanced with additional inputs that allow a more targeted retrieval of data.

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The following defects are fixed in this platform update:

  • Error Connecting to Workday

  • Run history disappears after Chain promotion

  • OneCloud reported success when log says it fails

  • Issue executing SQL Stored procedures

  • Unable to execute Data Prep Pipeline

  • Chain failure running long Essbase calculation

  • All Environments showing in promotion even if not assigned

  • Chain failing intermittently

  • Connection for MS SQL BizApp failed


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