Templates can be saved into folders to provide additional organization as well as control over the visibility of Templates to subcompanies. Every tenant has a Default folder.

Creating Folders

Additional folders can be created as needed. To create a new folder:

  • Click the plus (+) icon next to the search box on the Templates Active tab.

  • Select Create Folder.

  • Specify a Folder Name.

  • Specify a Privacy Type.

  • Select a parent folder under which the new folder will be created. By default, all new folders are created under the top level as siblings of the Default folder.

  • Click Save

Creating a OneCloud Template Folder

Privacy Types

Folders have privacy settings that can be used to control if the Templates in the folder are visible to subcompanies. There are two privacy types:

  • Public: All Templates stored in the folder are visible to all subcompanies.

  • Private: All Templates stored in the folder are not visible to any subcompanies. A lock icon will also appear next to the folder name to denote that it is set to Private.

📓 Creating Folders

Adding a Development folder with the Privacy Type set to Private is an effective way for partner companies to create and test Templates before publishing them to subcompanies. Templates can be moved from the Development folder to a folder with a Public Privacy Type in order to publish the Template.

Moving Templates Between Folders

Templates can easily be moved between folders as needed. To move a Template:

  • Open the Template to edit it.

  • Open the Template Settings.

  • Click the Pencil icon next to the folder name.

  • Select the folder to which the Template should be moved.

  • Click Move.

  • Save the Template.

  • Publish the Template.

Moving a OneCloud Template to another folder

Editing Folders

Folders, even those with Templates stored in them, can be edited at any time.

To edit a folder:

  • Click the pencil icon for the folder.

  • As needed, update the folder name, privacy type, and/or parent folder.

  • Click Save to commit the changes.

📓 Editing a Folder

If no other user-defined folders exist, the Parent Folder option is not available since there is no folder under which the folder being edited can be moved.

Deleting Folders

To delete a folder, click the Trash can icon next to the folder. When asked to confirm the deletion, type the required text, and then click Delete.

⚠️ Deleting a Folder all of will cause all of its nested Folders to be deleted, as well as all of its nested Templates to be archived. Deleted folders cannot be recovered.

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