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Why does my HFM BizApp Command produced no data, yet results successful?

The Site Content URL Name that needs to be specified is dependent on how Tableau has been configured and deployed. Each instance of Tableau is deployed with a default site but additional sites can be deployed. If you are unsure if additional sites have been deployed, the URL used to reach the Tableau content provides insight.

Default URL format

Additional Site URL format

In the above example, contenturl would be replaced with the actual site name.

If your Tableau URL follows the convention of the Default URL format, then the Site Content URL Name is Default; otherwise, it is the site name that replaces the contenturl portion of the Additional Site URL format example above. Be aware, the Site Content URL Name is a case-sensitive parameter.

Which version of Tableau do I use when creating a Connection?

Tableau releases updates quarterly. With so many versions to choose from it's easy to be unsure of which one to choose for your Connection. Select the API version that your instance uses. To determine which version of Tableau you have, please visit: Finding Your Tableau Version and Build Number.

Tableau versions are backward compatible. Updates in the current version should still allow previous versions to run properly. For this reason, if your Tableau version is unlisted when setting up a OneCloud Connection, please use the most recent API version available in the drop-down list.

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