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How is the NetSuite JDBC BizApp configured?

OneCloud NetSuite JDBC BizApp lets you select, and report on NetSuite data via JDBC. Oracle provides the SuiteAnalytics Connect guide that provides comprehensive instructions on how to configure your NetSuite tenant to access it via JDBC.


  • Access to the NetSuite Analytics Module.

  • Ensure that the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is installed on the environment hosting the GroundRunner.

  • To connect to the NetSuite account, environment, and role that you used to log in, your JDBC data source configuration must match the values listed in the Reviewing Configuration Information section in the SuiteAnalytics Connect guide.

OneCloud NetSuite JDBC BizApp Connection

Once you have configured NetSuite, you will need to configure the NetSuite JDBC BizApp as follows:

  1. Use a connection string like this: jdbc:ns://;;Encrypted=1;CipherSuites=TLS_RSA_WITH_AES_128_CBC_SHA;CustomProperties=(AccountID=123456;RoleID=3);

  2. Replace the example account ID 123456 with your NetSuite account ID.

  3. Replace the example role ID 3 with a valid role ID from your NetSuite account.

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