Conditional Mapping is the need to evaluate multiple pieces of information (fields) in data.

There will be times when Pipelines require such an evaluation.

Say an organization has manufacturing operations. Salary and wage expense (S&E) reporting can vary based on what function the employee performs. The S&E for employees directly involved in the production of goods may be recognized as part of the cost of goods. The S&E for non-production related employees may be an operating expense. Thus, an employee's account and department/cost center are the conditions that need to be evaluated to map the account.

Data Prep Mapping Groups provide a simple, yet very powerful mechanism to assign conditions to any mapping rule. To create a conditional mapping rule:

  • Update the Mapping Group Column Definition to add the additional fields needed to define the condition.

  • Add a new Mapping Rule and specify a mapping type. Conditional maps can be assigned to any of the mapping types available in Data Prep.

  • Specify a "From" (unmapped) value that addresses the condition that can be applied to the primary column in the Mapping Group Column Definition.

  • Specify the "To" (mapped) value to which the unmapped value should be transformed when the conditions are met.

  • Click the pencil icon on the Conditions field.

    • Specify the additional conditions needed to define the mapping rule.

    • Submit the conditions form once all conditions are specified and the conditional mapping rule is defined.

  • Save and Publish the Mapping Group as appropriate.

Creating Conditional Mapping

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