The OneCloud JSON BizApp has many powerful features that include the following commands:

  • Array to CSV

  • CSV to JSON

  • Object to CSV

  • Validate Schema

This article will explore configuring OneCloud to convert a JSON Array (list) to a tabular CSV file.

Sample JSON Data:


"executionTime": "2020-03-05 12:48:35 PM",
"stationBeanList": [{
"id": 304,
"stationName": "Broadway and Battery Pl",
"availableDocks": 9,
"totalDocks": 33,
"latitude": 40.70463334,
"longitude": -74.01361706,
"statusValue": "In Service"
"id": 359,
"stationName": "E 47 St and Park Ave",
"availableDocks": 40,
"totalDocks": 64,
"latitude": 40.75510267,
"longitude": -73.97498696,
"statusValue": "In Service"
"id": 367,
"stationName": "E 53 St and Lexington Ave",
"availableDocks": 28,
"totalDocks": 34,
"latitude": 40.75828065,
"longitude": -73.97069431,
"statusValue": "Out of Service"

This data is available live at: Use the HTTP->GET Command to download a live dataset and use the GET Output as an input into the Value area in the example below.

Array to CSV Configuration

Command Output

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