The Tabular Transformation BizApp provides a Convert XLSX to CSV command as well as a Convert CSV to XLSX. To ensure that these are used properly, we will outline the use case for the Convert XLSX to CSV command.

The Convert XLSX to CSV Command is for datasets where data exists in a Microsoft Excel sheet and needs to be converted to CSV for use in OneCloud chains. This layout is common for financial data due to the power Excel contains, but is limited in compatibility with other systems. Below is an example dataset to which the Convert XLSX to CSV Command can be applied.

Data after the command has been applied:

The Convert XLSX to CSV Command has several parameters.

  • Input File: The data file to use for processing

  • Delimiter: The character used to separate the fields in the data file

  • Sheet Name: The sheet inside of the file that contains the data to extract

  • Start Cell: The starting cell column/row

  • End Column: The ending column

  • End Row: The ending row

  • Preview Results: Show a small preview of results in the OneCloud Command Log


📓 If the fields past the end column and end row are blank, you can specify larger values without error. They can also be OneCloud variables for great flexibility.

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