Mapping Groups are used in Pipelines to perform Functional Transformations efficiently. A Mapping Group is assigned as a transformation within a Pipeline.

Assigning a Mapping Group to a Pipeline

To assign a Mapping Group to a Pipeline,

  • Navigate to Pipelines from the Data Prep navigation menu.

  • Select the Pipeline to which the Mapping Group needs to be assigned.

  • Add a transformation to the Pipeline.

  • On the transformation selection form, click the Mapping tab and then click Next.

  • Select the Mapping Group from the Mapping Groups dropdown.

  • Scroll to the Match Columns section and associate the Column(s) from the Pipeline to the Column(s) of the Mapping Group.

  • Click Save.

In the Example Shown Below

  • Click Pipelines from the Data Prep navigation menu on the left side.

  • The Mapping Group is "My First Pipeline".

  • Add a Transformation by clicking the green-plus box to the right of Excel Formula.

    • Under the Mapping tab, click next.

  • In the Mapping Group dropdown men:

    • Select "Product".

    • Scroll down to the Match Columns Section.

      • Set the Primary Column source to "Product".

      • Set the next column source to "Market".

  • Save the changes.

Assigning Mapping Groups to Pipelines

The impact of the Mapping Group can be previewed in the sample file attached to the Pipeline.

Mapping Group Impact

📓 The Pipeline Column assigned to the Primary Column of the Mapping Group is transformed by the Mapping Rules within the Mapping Group. Pipeline columns associated with other columns in the Mapping Group can support the Mapping Rules of the assigned Mapping Group, but are never impacted by the Mapping Rules of that particular Mapping Group.

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