Mapping Group properties apply to all Mapping Rules within the Mapping Group.

Mapping Group properties can be used to make Mapping Rules case sensitive or insensitive, trim leading or trailing whitespace, or specify dates for which the mapping rules are active.

To set the properties for a Mapping Group:

  • Select the Properties tab above the Mapping Rules grid.

  • To make the mapping rules case sensitive, check the "Case Sensitive" checkbox.

  • The "Trim Whitespace" option will remove leading and trailing blank spaces from both the Mapping Rule and the data field when the rule is applied.

  • When a Start or End Date is defined in a Mapping Group, the date must be inside the date range defined in the Mapping Group or it will not be applied to the data.

Mapping Group Properties

Start and End Dates are Optional

Both start and end dates can be specified, but it is not required to set them in pairs. This means that a Start Date can be specified and the End Date can be left blank or vice versa.

Using only a Start Date initiates the Mapping Group as active for all time from the specified date. Using only an End Date immediately activates the Mapping Group and ceases once the specified date is reached.

Start and End Dates are an effective way to plan for known calendar-based events that dictate a change to the Functional Transformation (Mapping) logic.


There is a known reorganization that takes effect at the start of the calendar year. One Mapping Group can be set with an End Date of December 31. Another Mapping Group can be created and assigned a Start Date of January 1. Both Mapping Groups can then be assigned to a Pipeline. Data Prep will natively apply the Mapping Rules from the Mapping Group that is active based on the date on which the Pipeline is executed.

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