The Data Prep user interface is useful for performing small volumes of updates to a Mapping Group. For bulk operations, there is an ability to download and upload Mapping Groups from a text file.

Download a Mapping Group

To download Mapping Rules in a Mapping Group,

  • Navigate to Mapping Groups on the Data Prep navigation menu.

  • Select the Mapping Group that needs to be downloaded.

  • Click the Download button above the mapping rules grid.

⚠️ When Mapping Groups are exported, the output is a comma-separated file (.csv) format. CSV files are often configured to be opened by MS Excel by default. We recommend opening the downloaded CSV file with a text editor such as Notepad++ to prevent Excel from applying any formatting to any of the field values. Another option is to import the downloaded CSV file using the Excel Get Data functionality to import the data from the CSV into a Workbook.

Downloading Mapping Groups

📓 Downloading a Mapping Group is an effective way to create an offline backup of the mapping rules. This can be especially useful prior to deleting mapping rules.

Upload a Mapping Group

Mapping Rules can be bulk imported into a Mapping Group. This operation is useful when initially seeding a Mapping Group or when needing to make mass updates.

To import mapping rules:

  • Create and populate the CSV file with the mapping rules to be uploaded.

  • Navigate to Mapping Groups on the Data Prep navigation menu.

  • Select the Mapping Group to which the mapping rules need to be uploaded.

  • Click the Upload button above the mapping rules grid.

  • Browse or drag the file to the upload section and then click Submit.

  • The Mapping Rules are uploaded to the Mapping Group.

    • It is not necessary to save. However, the Mapping Group must be published to activate the updated mapping rules.

⚠️ Uploading Mapping Rules replaces all existing rules in the Mapping Group.

Uploading Mapping Rules

📓 Mapping rules currently cannot be uploaded programmatically.

Upload File Format

Data Prep requires a specific file format in order to properly upload Mapping Rules.

The requirements are:

  • The file must be a valid CSV.

  • The file must have the proper header.

    • The header requirement is below.

  • Each field must be present on every Mapping Rule row.

    • Null or blank values are acceptable.

  • The file must not have any blank rows.

Required File Header

All fields below are required.


Upload File Format Notated

Upload File Format Notated

Bulk Map Update Leading Practice

In the event that a large number of Mapping Rules need to be updated, the leading practice is to:

  • Download the existing Mapping Group

  • Perform the updates in either a text editor or Excel.

  • Upload the revised Mapping Rules.

⚠️ Save a copy of the Mapping Rules download before any changes are made.

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