An existing Mapping Group can be used as the basis for a new Mapping Group. This is particularly useful when wanting to maintain a historical view of the mapping but also create a new Mapping Group that captures a large number of changes due to business events such as reorganizations or M&A activity. This can be accomplished by copying an existing Mapping Group.

To copy a Mapping Group:

  • Navigate to Mapping Groups in the Data Prep navigation menu.

  • In the list of existing Mapping Group, click the copy icon on the Mapping Group that you wish to copy.

  • A new Mapping Group is created and opened. The Mapping Group name defaults to the name of the Mapping Group that was copied with (Copy) appended.

  • Update the new Mapping Group name by clicking on the name of the Mapping Group, updating it, and click the green checkmark to save the new name.

  • The list of Mapping Groups will now show the newly created Mapping Group.

📓 Be sure to Publish the new Mapping Group after updating it.

In the Example Shown Below

  • Select Mapping Groups from the Data Prep navigation menu on the left side.

  • For the "Product" Mapping Group, select the copy icon on the right side.

  • The copied Pipeline is opened.

    • The name is changed from "Product (Copy)" to "Product 2021".

  • The changes are saved by clicking the green checkmark.

Copying a Mapping Group

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