Saving Mapping Groups

Whenever Mapping Rules are created, updated, or deleted through the Data Prep web interface, the Mapping Group must be saved in order for the changes to be committed to the application.

Upon clicking "Save" in the Mapping Group header, a "Save Changes Summary Report" opens. This allows users to review all of their changes prior to committing them to Data Prep. To commit the changes to the application, click "Save" from within the report.

Save Change Summary Report

Publishing Mapping Groups

Publishing a Mapping Group is an additional action that is required. Publishing a Mapping Group activates the saved changes of the Mapping Group. When a Mapping Group is assigned to a Pipeline, the Pipeline uses the last published version of the Mapping Group.

To publish a Mapping Group, click the Publish button in the Mapping Group header.

Publish a Mapping Group

📓 A Mapping Group version is created whenever a Mapping Group is published.

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