An existing Pipeline can be used as the basis for a new Pipeline. This is done by copying an existing Pipeline.

To copy a Pipeline:

  • Navigate to Pipelines in the Data Prep navigation menu.

  • In the list of Active Pipelines, available actions are to the right of each Pipeline.

    • Options include: Copy and Archive

  • Click the copy icon on the Pipeline that you wish to copy.

  • A new Pipeline is created and opened.

    • The Pipeline name defaults to "Name of the Pipeline" (Copy).

  • Update the new Pipeline name:

    • Click on the name of the Pipeline

    • Type the new name

    • Click the green checkmark to save the new name.

  • The list of Pipelines will now show the newly created Pipeline.

📓 Be sure to Publish the new Pipeline after updating it.

Copying a Pipeline

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