Changes can be made at any time to a Pipeline. Changes are not activated until a Pipeline is published. This is similar to OneCloud Integration Studio Chains.

To publish a Pipeline:

  • Select the Pipeline

  • Click the Publish icon in the upper-right corner of the interface.

  • Once the Chain has been published, a checkmark will show in the Publish button.

Publishing a Data Prep Pipeline

Pipeline Versions

Each time a Pipeline is published, a new version is created.

  • The Draft version is the current version of the Pipeline that can be modified.

  • The Published version is read-only and represents the version of the Pipeline that will be applied to a data payload when the Pipeline is executed.

  • All other versions are also read-only and represent the Pipeline at the point it was published previously.

Select any stored version to review the configuration of the Pipeline for that version. The Draft version is always selected by default. If you navigate to another version, you must navigate back to the Draft version in order to modify the Pipeline.

Currently, Pipelines cannot be reverted to prior versions. A prior version of a Pipeline can be reviewed to help update a Pipeline to a prior state.

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