Pinning a sample file to a pipeline allows users to preview the transformations applied to their data. The payload that will be processed by the Pipeline will yield the same visualization as the sample file.

A sample file must be uploaded to Data Prep before it can be pinned to a Pipeline. To pin (or attach) a sample file to a Pipeline:

  • Click the Files tab of the Columns-Files navigation pane.

  • Hover over a sample file and then click the pin icon.

  • The Match Columns dialogue box will open.

    • This allows the columns (fields) from the sample file to be mapped/associated with the columns of the Pipeline.

    • Only fields with the same data type can be matched.

    • The system will auto-match any columns from the sample file and Pipeline that have the same Data Type and Name.

      📓 Names are case-sensitive.

  • Map any unmatched fields in the Match Columns dialogue box.

  • Click Submit.

  • A preview of the data in the sample file now displays in the Pipeline editor.

Detaching a File

A sample file can be unpinned (or detached). To do so:

  • An additional sample file must be pinned to the pipeline.

  • Click the pin icon on the attached sample file that needs to be detached.

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