The primary components of OneCloud Data Prep are:

Each Data Prep component utilizes a specification of the columns (fields) with which the application will interact. This specification is referred to as the Columns Definition. The columns definition specifies not only the name of the field but also the data type and its related detailed settings. For example, if a field is defined as a NUMBER data type, then the number of decimals, as well as the thousands and decimal separators, are specified in the columns definition.

The columns definition can be modified at any time to specify or update the data type for each of the Data Prep components. A field name can be updated in a Pipeline or Mapping Group columns definition but not in a sample file.

The columns definition allows fields to be related to one another across the various Data Prep components. This provides additional flexibility and reusability since field names do not need to align across data payloads, sample files, Pipelines, and Mapping Groups.

Data Types

The following data types can be applied to a field:

Data Type


Example Values


Alphanumeric sequence of characters

  • California

  • 400010


Whole number, with or without a thousands separator

  • 25

  • 37450


Number that includes decimals; can include/exclude a thousands separator

  • 15.75

  • 37865.95

  • 25,789.62


True/False value

  • True or 1

  • False or 0



  • 1/1/2021

  • 2021-01-01


Time of day

  • 14:37

  • 09:52:10


Date and time

  • 2020-01-01T18:26:33

📓 Date, Time, DateTime Data Types supported formats can be derived from this guide.

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