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OneCloud Data Prep (ODP) provides business-users an easy, intuitive, interactive application for defining and managing ever-changing technical and functional transformation. ODP has comprehensive and powerful features to cleanse, transform, and map data ensuring cross-dimensional relationship validation. This helps eliminate inconsistencies and harmonize the data into a single reporting standard easily and intuitively.

Features of OneCloud Data Prep


Harmonize data across enterprise applications using OneCloud’s Data Prep graphical interface to summarize, blend, and cleanse data, among other operations.


Powerful mapping addresses common business challenges, such as many-to-many mapping, cross-dimensional relationships, time-based mapping rules, and data validation. Create and maintain maps and mapping rules in an easy to use grid-layout and combine them in mapping rule groups to extend flexibility.

Data Cleansing

Modify data layouts through a form-based wizard, including row and column modification, filtering capabilities, and data aggregation supported by Excel-based functions that provide column netting and conditional aggregation.

Business User Focus

Gives business users access to an easy, intuitive, and interactive grid interface to harmonize data between systems.

User Access

Apply appropriate access to data and processes with flexible user provisioning that supports matrixed security requirements.


Track any transformation and mapping rule changes. Understand the lineage of changes over time and restore components with visibility into the version history.

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OneCloud Data Prep is a separately licensed product that is a complementary offering to OneCloud Integration Studio.

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