The OneCloud Customer Success team creates Templates and Snippets that address the common integration needs of its customers. These artifacts are available on the OneCloud tab of the Templates section of OneCloud Integration Studio.

Version History

When a Template or Snippet is created and published, the version is included in the name of the Template. We leverage a major.minor version naming convention where significant changes will increment the major version while small updates or adjustments will increment the minor version. Examples version numbers are:

Version Number



Initial release


Initial release with a minor update


Significant update since initial release

The current version of the Template is also noted in the Description field of the Template Settings. Review the version history in the Template description to determine if the updates are relevant for your organization.

Configuring Nodes

Templates produced by OneCloud are created to minimize the number of configuration changes that are required once a Chain is created from a Template. To help users understand which nodes may need to be modified in Chain created from Template maintained by OneCloud, we employ two mechanisms.


First, the description of each node provides information about how the node is used and highlights if any of the parameters within the node can or should be updated.

OneCloud Template Node Description

While updates can be made to the description once a Chain is created from the Template, OneCloud suggests adding your specific description updates after the OneCloud provided descriptions.

Templates Catalog

The second resource available is the OneCloud Templates Catalog. The Templates catalog provides a summary of each OneCloud created Template, an overview of any Template Variables created, as well as a list of the nodes that should be reviewed or updated for customer-specific requirements.

The use of the catalog in combination with the node descriptions provides a powerful and efficient way for a user to understand each of the components of a Template and how to update to successfully deploy a functional Chain in your OneCloud tenant.

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