A Chain Template can be used to create an Integration Studio Chain. There are multiple methods to invoke the process of creating a New Chain from a Template.

Method 1: From within the Template

Select Templates from the navigation menu in OneCloud Integration Studio. Open the Template that will be used to create the Chain by clicking on the name of the Template. Click New Chain. The Template to Chain Wizard will open.

Create a OneCloud Chain from a Template

Method 2: From the Build Menu

Select Build from the navigation menu in OneCloud Integration Studio. Hover over the blue plus sign in the bottom right of the screen and then select Create Chain from Template. Select the appropriate Template from the dropdown box and click the Create from Template button. The Template to Chain Wizard will open.

Build a OneCloud Chain from a Template

Method 3: From a Shared Template URL

When a Shared Template URL is provided, a new Chain can be created from the Template by simply pasting the URL into a new browser window. You will be prompted to log in to the OneCloud tenant in which the Chain needs to be deployed. You do not need to have access to the tenant in which the Template was created in order to deploy a Chain from a Shared Template URL.

Once logged in, click the New Chain button and follow the Template to Chain Wizard.

Using the Template to Chain Wizard

Step 1: Select Environment (Required)

In the first step, specify the name of the Chain to be created. Select the Workspace and then the Environment in which the Chain will be created. Click Next.

Step 2: Variable Mapping (Optional)

The Variable Mapping step replaces Template Variables with OneCloud Integration Studio Components in the Chain that will be created. While Template Variables are optional, the Variable Mapping step is required if any Template Variables were created and utilized in the Template.

The Template Variable name displays on the left. The Integration Studio component with which the Template Variable will be replaced displays on the right side. Select the OneCloud Integration Studio component type that aligns to the Template Variable type and then select or specify the Integration Studio Variable/Resource Name. Click Next.

When selecting Runtime, Workspace, or Workspace Resource, select the Integration Studio Runtime Variable Name, Workspace Variable Name, or Workspace Resource with which the Template Variable should be replaced.

When selecting Chain or Chain Dynamic, enter the name of the Chain or Chain Dynamic Variable that will be created when the Chain is created.

Step 3: Connection Mapping (Optional)

The Connection Mapping step assigns Connections and Runners to the Commands utilized in the Template when the Chain is created. Like Variable Mapping, this Connection Mapping is technically optional but becomes a required step in the Template to Chain process when any node in the Template utilizes a BizApp Command.

Select the appropriate Connection and Runner for each BizApp used in the Template and click Submit. The Chain will be created from the Template.

Step 4: Update and Publish the Chain

After the Chain is created, it may be required to update certain components depending on how the Template was created. In particular, if using a Chain Variable, be sure to update the Chain Variable value as needed to support the Chain. Lastly, Publish the Chain.

OneCloud Template to Chain Wizard
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