Templates are not specific to a OneCloud Integration Studio Workspace or Environment. A Template Variable is used when creating a Template in place of the various OneCloud Integration Studio components that would otherwise be used when creating an Integration Studio Chain. These components are Workspace Variables, Chain and Dynamic Variables, and Workspace Resources.

Template Variables are a logical component that is mapped to a physical component when a Chain is created from a Template. For example, a Template Variable that represents a Workspace Variable allows the Template to be created with Commands utilizing the Template Variable instead of a fixed value. When a Chain is created from the Template, the Template Variable is replaced with an actual Workspace Variable.

Template Variables like their Integration Studio counterparts ensure that Templates are dynamic and easily updated when integration specific values change. Build the Template as you would an Integration Studio Chain utilizing a Template Variable in any node where you would need to use a Workspace, Runtime, Chain, or Dynamic Variable or a Workspace Resource.

There are four Template Variables types; Workspace, Chain, Dynamic, and Resource. Workspace and Chain Template Variables do not require any specific action when being created; however, Dynamic Template Variables or Resources must be flagged as such to ensure that they can be used appropriately when creating a Template. Specifying a Template Variable as Dynamic or Resource will also enforce that object type when creating a Chain from the Template.

Example OneCloud Template Variables

📓 Variable Naming Best Practices
A standardized approach to Template creation is important. One of the key elements to consider is the naming of Template Variables. By leveraging a naming convention, the process of creating a Chain from a Template will be more succinct and less error-prone. The following prefixes are suggested for Template Variables:

Variable Type


Example Name



WSV_Application Name



CV_Database Name



DCV_Aggregate DB



Resource_Descriptive File Name

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