Similar to the prior step where a Connection for Anaplan was created, now create a Connection to interface with a relational database. For this tutorial, we have created sample Oracle and SQL Server relational databases.

📓 Note: If you'd prefer to use your own database, then you will most likely need to configure a GroundRunner to interface with your on-premise system.

If you are ready to get started using one of our sample databases, then follow the order of operations below:

Step 1: Create an Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server Database Connection

  • Navigate to the OneCloud Connection Manager and click the blue (+) circle to create a new Connection.

  • Under "BizApp Connection", select "Microsoft SQL Server".

  • Under "Properties", establish a username, password, and connection url.

    • As the relational database username and password enter:

      Username: RO_SAMPLE_DB
      Password: testdata1!
    • For the SQL Server JDBC String, enter the following JDBC URL:

  • Enable the Connection for the "DEV" and "PROD" Environments.

  • Save the Connection.

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