In the prior exercise, users ran a Salesforce Custom Report and uploaded the CSV format to Anaplan. This exercise is similar, but the custom report command is substituted for a Salesforce SOQL Query. SOQL queries are more complex than reports. However, they provide added flexibility in how the data is extracted.

Step 1: Copy the Chain

Some of the setup of the Chain created in the previous task "Upload Salesforce Report to Anaplan" can be reused, so copy the Chain.

  • From the left-side navigation panel, choose "Build".

  • The "Upload Salesforce Report to Anaplan" should display both the Salesforce and Anaplan logos. Click the ellipses to the far-right of the Chain.

  • Select "Copy".

Step 2: Edit the Chain

  • To the right side of "Upload Salesforce Report to Anaplan -- Copy", click the pencil-icon or select the ellipse and then "Edit".

  • Near the upper-right corner, select "Chain Settings".

  • Rename the Chain to "Upload Salesforce Query to Anaplan".

  • Save the change.

Step 3: Delete the First Command

  • To delete a Command:

    • Click the Command and then select the trash icon.

    • Click "Delete" when prompted.

  • Delete the "Salesforce Opportunity Report" Command.

Step 4: Add Salesforce SOQL Query

  • Add the first Command by selecting the Salesforce ➡️ SOQL Query operation.
    💡 Use the Find tool to search for "Salesforce" and then for "SOQL".

  • Click-and-drag the SOQL Query Command into the Chain Start circle.

    📓 The Chain Start will show a plus (+) icon indicating that the command may be placed at the start of the Chain.

  • Double-click (or hover + pencil icon) to edit the Command.

  • Copy the following query and paste it into the field Query:

    SOQL Query
    SELECT Id,Name,Amount FROM Opportunity

Step 5: Update the Upload to Anaplan Data Source

The second Command of the chain needs to be updated to use the new output of the first Command.

  • Rename the Server File to "Salesforce SOQL Query".

  • Update the Source File by first removing the "Not Found" reference and then selecting the "SOQL Query Output" from the variable menu on the left.

Step 6: Publish & Run the Chain

Publishing is an important feature in OneCloud. Chains must be published, before they can be run. A Chain and its respective Commands will not be executed otherwise. Whether making one alteration or many, the Chain must be published every time a Chain or Command is edited.

Publish ➡️ Execute ➡️ Run Chain.

  • To publish a Chain, click "Publish" near the upper-right corner.

  • Optionally, add a Publish Chain Comment. For this example, leave it blank.

  • Once published, the "Execute" button becomes active. Click it.

  • Once executed, the "Run Chain" button is activated. Click it.

  • The Chain will animated when it is running.

  • Click on the Anaplan Upload File Command.

  • When the Chain has been run, the outputs will be available to view.

Step 7: Confirm the data in Anaplan

  • Login to Anaplan and find the Import Data Source "Salesforce SOQL Query".

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