When a Chain is promoted or published, you can attach a comment that will be displayed in the published Chain version history. The comment provides a generic field to capture any information relevant to the Chain’s promotion and publish lifecycle.

Adding a Promotion Comment

At the last step of the Chain promotion flow, you can add an optional comment. Once the comment has been added, the Chain must be published before the comment can be viewed in the version history.

📓 Note: Only if you have leveraged workspace resources (files) will a step prior to the review will be shown in the workflow to include these in the promotion.

Add a Publish Comment

When publishing a Chain, you can add an optional comment to capture why a Chain was published. The comment will be viewable in the Chain version history after the Chain successfully publishes.

Viewing Comment History

Comment history is visible in the version history for a Chain. Chains that have comments when published will display a comment icon in the card header.

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