Chain Tags provide the ability to group related Chains together and provide insight into Chain content. Once a tag is created, it can be used as a filter for Chains within the Chain List view and the Scheduler. The steps below demonstrate how to add, filter with, and delete tags.

Step 1: Add a Tag

To add a tag to an existing Chain:

  • Select the Chain to expand the view.

  • Click on the plus icon (+) to enter a new tag name or select an existing tag.

  • Optionally, set the color of the tag by clicking on the tag and choosing a color.

📓 Note: All available tags are listed under the top of Chain Management and selectable in the Monitor and Schedule views.

Step 2: Filter by Tag

Filter by tags in Chain Management, Monitor, and Schedule views. One or more tags can be highlighted, indicating the tag is an active filter. To remove the tag filter:

  • At the top of the pane, click the tag to deselect it.

  • The tag will no longer be highlighted, indicating it is not being used as a filter.

Step 3: Delete a Tag Filter

To delete a tag filter:

  • Hover over the tag and click the gray (x).

  • The filter will delete from the Workspace.

📓 Note: Refresh the browser view after deleting a tag. The tags will disappear if all Chains in a tenant have been disassociated with that tag.

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