Step 1: Chain Promotion

To promote a Chain:

  • From the left menu, select Build, then Chains.

  • On the far-right, select the ellipsis of the chain you wish to promote.

  • Select Promote.

  • A three-step wizard will appear to select an Environment and map Connections.

📓 Note: The gif below contains both steps for the Chain promotion example listed on this page.

Step 2: The Promotion Wizard

Select Environment

  • Choose the Environment to promote the Chain to.

    - In this case, "PROD".

Connection Mapping

  • Map Connections that are enabled for specific Environments.

    - "HTTP Request" and "File Utils".

Workspace Resources

  • Only when Workspace resources (files) have been leveraged will this step be visible in the workflow.

  • This step alerts and allows users to select what resources to bring along during a promotion event.

Promotion Review

  • Confirm the configuration of the promotion and provide a Promotion Comment.

Promotion Confirmation

  • Confirm the promotion was completed and the Chain is now in the new target Environment.

📓 Do not forget to Publish!

All promoted Chains need to be published before they can be used.

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