Changes to Chains are made within the specific Environments they exist. Verify the correct Workspace and Environment by referencing the color-coded title bar near the top of the screen. The list of Chains within the Environment will be shown.

To reach the list of Chains:

  • When remaining in the current Environment, select Build from the left-side navigation panel.

  • When changing Environments within the same Workspace, select the 🔽 near the name of the Environment in the upper-right corner

  • When switching Workspaces, select Workspaces from the left-side navigation panel, locate the desired Workspace and click the desired Environment.

Once the list is reached, two options exist to edit a Chain. Both lead to the canvas where users may manage the Commands or Chain proprieties.


  • Select the ✏️ icon on the right side of Chain


  • Select the ellipses to the right side of the Chain

  • Select the Edit option.

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