Before executing a Chain, it must be published. The following sections provide details about the OneCloud publish process.

Publish Indicator

At the top of each Chain, there is an icon that will indicate the publication status of the Chain:

Unpublished Chain

The Publish button will appear blue:

Published Chain

The Publish button will appear green:

Editing Published Chains

Publishing is the way to indicate that the changes to the Chain are ready to be executed. Whenever a Chain is edited, it automatically reverts to an unpublished state until it is published again.

Prior Published Versions

Only when the Chain is published will the changes be incorporated into the Chain run. In other words, until the Chain is published, the prior published version is used.

Saving Chain Edits

Edits to a Chain or its Commands are saved automatically.

Viewing Unpublished Chain Status

When a Chain has unpublished changes, a 'Save' icon is displayed in the Chain list view. In the example below, note the diskette icon to the right of the Triggered Chain name.

Viewing Last Published Date

Hovering over the green checkmark icon will indicate when a Chain was last published. After a user publishes a Chain, OneCloud automatically creates a new version. The versions can be viewed in the Versions.

Chain Promotion

When a Chain is promoted, it needs to be be published in the new Environment.

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