A OneCloud Chain is a linear sequence of Commands that represents an automation workflow. Chains may be constructed from scratch or using templates. Chains can be scheduled, run on demand, or even triggered externally via the OneCloud API.

Each Chain allows a user to build Commands in a sequence that supports their business requirements. Features, such as conditional logic, workflow, and/or triggers, enhance Chains. Chains may also execute groups of Commands serially or in parallel.

The Chains within an Environment are accessed by selecting Build from the left-side navigation panel. To build or edit a Chain

  • Select an Environment from OneCloud Home.

    • Alternatively, if already in the desired Environment, select Build from the left-side navigation panel.

  • Various Chain management operations can be accessed via the ellipse, including copy, edit, execute, version, promote, and delete.

    • Or, click the pencil icon to edit the Chain.

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