OneCloud Environments and Chains can be monitored from a few different perspectives. This tutorial demonstrates how to navigate the OneCloud user-interface to see an overview and activity feed. View run history, which provides visibility into seeing who ran what, where, when and how, is also shown.

Step 1: View Activity Feed

  • Select the Home on the side navigation.

  • The filter buttons are set near the top of the page.

  • Choose "Relative", "Range", or a timeframe to view different perspectives.

Step 2: View Chain Monitor Overview

  • Select Monitor from the left-side navigation menu.

  • The option to filter Workspaces/Environments appears on the right-side.

    • Select PROD and/or DEV to view how the Environments filter. Leave the boxes unchecked and collapse the filter window.

  • Filter by Run Status - Success, Pause, Running, Error, or Warning.

  • Use the Chain name filter (Ex. Simple Extract Chain -- Copy)

    • You can also select the appropriate Chain Tags to further narrow the search criteria.

  • Use Date Range filtering can be applied in the upper right

As of the 09/18/2021 release, an additional filter has been added to the Monitor page. You can now filter by Connections.

Step 3: View Individual Chain Monitor Overview

  • Select Build from the left-side navigation.

  • Expand the Chain card by clicking the ellipse on the far-right side.

  • Select Execute

  • Select View Last Run to see the prior Chain Run.

  • Return by selecting the Back to Execute navigation button.

  • Below the Run Chain button, select the Run History icon.

  • Select any Chain to see its individual run history.

  • Click on the Preview Data Command and switch from "OUTPUTS" to "LOGS".

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