OneCloud Chains can be easily scheduled. Below is a simple schedule setup.


OneCloud trial customers CANNOT enable Schedules. Please contact to discuss licensing options.

Step 1: Add a Schedule

To add a schedule to the "Simple Extract Chain":

  • Edit the Chain by selecting the pencil icon or clicking the ellipses, then "Edit".

  • Navigate to the upper-right corner and click "Chain Settings".

  • Inside the "Edit Chain" box, click on the blue (+) to the right of Schedules.

  • Specifying time, frequency, or date range information.

  • Save the Chain.

📓 Two schedules are established in the example below:

  • The timezone and run-time is auto-generated based on location.

  • In the first, the desired Frequency is weekly, running Monday through Friday every 12 weeks, beginning on April 21.

  • The second changes the frequency to run Monthly, running on the last Saturday of the month at 11:03 a.m. every third month.

📓 Note: A newly scheduled chain will not execute if the first execution is within five (5) minutes of being published.

⚠️ Chains that contain a Trigger Event in START position or on the pallet can be scheduled but will not execute.

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