In addition to being manually executed, Chains may be invoked in the following ways:

  • Run Chain Event

  • Triggered by a Schedule

  • Triggered by an ActionLink

  • Triggered by Anaplan Export New Record

  • Triggered by File Events

This short tutorial will explore the Run Chain Event approach to executing a OneCloud Chain. The "Additional topics covered in this article" section - near the bottom of this page - provides links to the triggers listed above.

Step 1: Add a Run Chain Event

To add a Run Chain Event:

  • Select the pencil icon or click the ellipses, then edit to edit the desired Chain. This example edits "Simple Extract Chain".

  • The Chain properties are edited by adding Commands.

  • Add the Run Chain Command by dragging the icon to the pallet.
    πŸ’‘Hint: Use the Find tool to search for "Run Chain" and/or use the top toolbar to jump to other Chain Events.

  • Double-click the icon to edit the Command.

  • In the Chain to Run section, select "Simple Extract Chain - Copy".

  • Save the Command.

πŸ““ Location of Run Chain Event

Run Chain Events can be added anywhere in a Chain making them very flexible.

Step 2: Publish, Run and View Triggered Chain

The Chain must be published to run. To publish the "Simple Extract Chain":

  • Near the upper-right corner select Publish.

  • Then, in the comment window, click Publish.

  • Near the upper-right corner, click Execute to Execute the Chain.

  • The animations indicate the is Chain running.

  • When, the Chain completes running, click on the third Command - "Run Chain".

  • In the window that opens on the right, click "View Chain: Simple Extract Chain - Copy".

  • To confirm that the second Chain executed, click the "Preview Data" Command

  • In the window, change the view from "Output" to "LOGS".

  • The file contents should display, if the run was successful.

πŸ“š Additional topics covered in this article:

Run Chain Event

Trigger by a Schedule

Trigger by an ActionLink

Trigger by Anaplan Export New Record

Trigger by File Events

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