Promoting a Chain makes it available in another Environment. The promote functionality helps users manage the lifecycle of a Chain. Users that have completed a quick-start guide should be familiar with the concept of promoting a Chain.

What happens when a Chain is promoted?

OneCloud quick-start guides typically feature two Environments - DEV and PROD.

In these simple examples, users created a Workspace variable "data-type" and configured that variable with different values "dev-data" and "prod-data" respective for each Environment.

For example:



When we promote, the URL for the Command will use the variable value of the PROD Environment and therefore point to a different location.

This is one example of using OneCloud’s powerful lifecycle management features which are in addition to enabling Connections for different Environments and then map connections during a promotion. Enabling Connections by Environment allows OneCloud to adapt to separate application connections such as a Sandbox Workday Connection versus a Production Workday Connection.

Promoting a Chain

Once the correct Workspace, Environment and Chain has been confirmed:

  • Select the ellipses to the right of the Chain to be promoted.

  • Choose Promote.

  • Confirm the name of the Chain and Environment to promote to.

  • Confirm the Connections and Runners.

    ⚠️ If the desired Connection is unavailable it needs to be enabled for the new Environment. This was done previously for this example.

  • Click Promote.

  • View the newly promoted Chain in the Environment.

📓 Although the Chain appears in the PROD Environment it has not yet been published. Therefore, it is not active.

Step 2: Publish and Run the Chain

Publishing is an important feature in OneCloud. Chains must be published, before they can be run. A Chain and its respective Commands will not be executed otherwise. Whether making one alteration or many, the Chain must be published every time a Chain or Command is edited.

Publish ➡️ Execute ➡️ Run Chain.

  • To publish a Chain, click "Publish" near the upper-right corner.

  • Optionally, add a Publish Chain Comment. For this example, leave it blank.

  • Once published, the "Execute" button becomes active. Click it.

  • Once executed, the "Run Chain" button is activated. Click it.

  • The Chain will animated when it is running.

  • Click on the Anaplan Upload File Command.

  • When the Chain has been run, the outputs will be available to view by clicking on a given Command and selecting "LOGS" from the right-side panel.

📓 See the difference in the data between DEV and PROD Environments

View the output of the Retrieve Data Command in both DEV and PROD Environments and see that the data is different. The data in the DEV Environment has a repeating value of "123” whereas the data in the PROD Environment has varying numeric values for each record.

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