OneCloud can easily manage the lifecycle of a Chain between different Environments. In this step, we will promote a Chain from DEV to PROD environments.

Step 1: Promote the Chain

  1. From the OneCloud Workspaces, select the DEV Environment.

  2. Promote “Simple Extract Chain” by clicking the ellipse on the Chain panel and then selecting the Promote action.

  3. On the Select Environment step, confirm you are promoting to PROD, then click Next.

  4. On the Choose connections step, we have enabled each connection in both DEV and PROD (in a prior step), so simply map to each connection and then click Next.

  5. (Optional) On the Workspace Resources select the resources (files) this step will bring along during the promotion. New files must be created; but already existing files do not need to be updated.

  6. On the Review step, confirm the connection mapping is correct and then click Promote.

  7. After the Chain is promoted, select the option to View the promoted Chain.

📓 What is Happening?

In this simple tutorial, we have created separate environments for DEV and PROD, created a Workspace variable "data-type" and configured that variable with different values "dev-data" and "prod-data" respective for each environment. When we promote, the URL for the "Retrieve Data" command will use the variable value of the PROD environment and therefore point to a different location.



This is one example of using OneCloud’s powerful lifecycle management features which are in addition to enabling connections for different environments and then map connections during a promotion. Enabling connections by environment allows OneCloud to adapt to separate application connections such as a Sandbox Workday Connection versus a Production Workday Connection. To learn more about this feature please see the follow-on application-specific tutorials.

Step 2: Publish and Run the Chain

Before the Chain can be run, it needs to be published.

  1. Publish the Chain, by clicking the PUBLISH button on the upper bar.

  2. Navigate to the Execute area of OneCloud by clicking on the EXECUTE button on the upper bar.

  3. Run the Chain.

  4. Confirm your changes have been made by looking at the output in the final command.
    (Remember to click on the Command and select the LOGS tab)

📓 See the difference in the data between DEV and PROD Environments

View the output of the Retrieve Data Command in both DEV and PROD Environments and see that the data is different. The data in the DEV Environment has a repeating value of "123” whereas the data in the PROD Environment has varying numeric values for each record.

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