Create a new connection and enable all connections for both the DEV and PROD Environments. This will allow the Environments to connect to external systems.

Step 1: Add a Connection

To add a new Connection or view an existing OneCloud Connection, click the Connections tab on the navigation pane on the left of the page.

  • Click on the (+) button in the lower, right-hand corner.

  • Under BizApp, select HTTP Request for this demonstration.

  • Scroll down to confirm the Environments for DEV and PROD are enabled.

  • Click the corresponding boxes, as necessary.

  • As this Command has no connection settings, simply save the Connection.

Step 2: Enable Environments

The other two Connections need to be enabled for the Environments. This is required for the new Environment after the default Connections were created.

  • Edit the File Utilities connection first.

  • To edit a Connection, select the 🔽 on the far-right side and click the edit button.

  • The Update Connections window opens.

  • Scroll to the bottom to view available Environments.

  • Enable the desired Environment(s) by clicking the associated box(es). For this example, ensure both "PROD" and "DEV" are enabled.

  • Click save, returning to the Connections canvas.

  • Repeat the steps above to enable the Environments for the Tabular Transformation connection.

📓 The total number of chains that the connection is used in is displayed in the upper left of the screen.

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